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Oil painting of a gigantic woman showing off her meditation skills in a park.

Yoga park scene painting


The inspiration for this park scene painting struck Maikel during a stroll through a nearby park, where a woman sat prominently meditatively at the center. The outcome is a subtly satirical painting on yoga, featuring the woman as a giant amidst the non-spiritual regular folks who are simply playing and enjoying themselves. Maikel crafted this impressionistic park painting with a diverse palette of greens, complemented by contrasting colors for the yoga woman's clothing.

Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm
Impressionistic oil painting of the Noordkade, Veghel
Noordkade Veghel industrial oil painting
Oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm, 2024
A painting of the Manhattan skyline with the Freedom Tower and Brooklyn Bridge.
Impressionistic city-life painting of two men playing basketball in a park in Eindhoven.
Painting of a park scene in Eindhoven
Oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm, 2023
Artwork with bikes and residential buildings in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, painted with saturated colors.
Colorful painting with bikes in city street
Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm, 2023
Colorful impressionistic cityscape of the "Spoorlaan" street in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Colorful cityscape "Tilburg Spoorlaan"
Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm, 2020
Exceptionally colorful and impressionistic painting of the streets around the Lichttoren in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Eindhoven city landscape artwork
Oil on canvas, 70 x 60 cm, 2020
Modern impressionistic painting of a sunset in Downtown Brooklyn in New York City.
Downtown Brooklyn street sunset painting
Oil on board, 40 x 60 cm, 2019