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Maikel de Laat, born in Tilburg, The Netherlands in 1975, is a contemporary painter based in Eindhoven. Specializing in oil paintings on canvas or board, de Laat is best known for depicting urban scenes and skylines in a vivid, impressionistic style. His work centers around combining people, architecture, and natural elements within city settings. Whether capturing the energy of large cities like New York or the charm of small towns in the Netherlands, De Laat's paintings bring to life the interplay between urban and natural environments. His projects and series often explore this theme, creating a narrative beyond traditional urban landscapes.

Maikel de Laat has showcased his art at notable exhibitions, including the Brabant Art Fair in Tilburg, The Netherlands. With a continued commitment to his craft, Maikel de Laat contributes significantly to the contemporary art scene, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of urban life and natural surroundings.